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Search help

New Search
New Search is a basic search that interrogates Hansard for keywords entered in the search box.

Advanced Search
Advanced Search provides additional options to filter a search. These include:
  • With these words in the Title field (for example, 'International Women's Day')
  • House (Legislative Assembly or Legislative Council)
  • Party (only for 58th Parliament onwards)
  • Return speeches from (Last 7 days, Last 30 days et cetera)
  • Speech activity type (see Activities Help for more information)
  • Year, Month, Day

On the Advanced Search page, multiple values can be checked for the Current members, Former
, Year, Month and Day filters.

Search tips
  • The catalogue will search for exactly what you type in. If you have difficulty
    finding an item, check your spelling and then try again.
  • To find a specific phrase in Hansard, use the With all the words search field on the Advanced search page.
  • The search engine automatically searches plurals and morphological variations on
    keywords entered - for example, searching 'consult' yields results for 'consult',
    'consults', 'consulting', 'consultant', 'consultants' et cetera.
  • Search is not case sensitive - 'Premier' will yield the same results as 'premier'.
  • On the search results page, click the title to see the full text of a contribution.
    To see the contribution in context, download the PDF or refer to the page.
  • Use a comma when searching for specific large numbers (e.g. 35,000).
    This is important when searching for Questions on Notice that exceed 9999.

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